Cancer Council

During a consultation with a social worker who was assigned to help me with my financial situation at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, I was informed about a small fund offered by the Cancer Council NSW. This was an emergency fund to assist with paying utility bills up to $250 for those who are struggling financially. It is a relatively straight-forward process by which you submit the invoice you have on hand to the Cancer Council and they will pay it on your behalf.

There is also a $1,000 loan they can offer, however there are strict conditions attached with this and it is only provided in extremely dire circumstances.

I decided to check what other financial assistance the Cancer Council could provide and noted there is a program called CAN Assist (Cancer Assistance Network) for rural patients, however unfortunately I was unable to find anything beyond these three payment options.

Understandably, as the Cancer Council is funded by public donations, they provide assistance by paying for bills provided by cancer patients – they don’t offer cash payments to patients directly to pay for these themselves. So if you have an invoice on hand that needs to be paid, I recommend contacting the Cancer Council to seek their assistance.

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