Desperate times call for a little creativity…

If you are looking for some ideas to generate a little extra cash in a hurry, the following is a list of my attempts. Some were successful, others not so much – the key for me at the time was that I wanted to ensure that I really had exhausted absolutely every option I had available. At the time, I had a bit of trouble accepting help from others (luckily my therapy sessions helped me through this), so these were some ways I tried to ‘squeeze every penny’ when I was having a moment of financial panic:

  1. Rent out your spare room (if you have the option) or Air BnB your place whilst you with family or friends for a while
  2. Cash in your assets – I had some jewellery that I knew I could cash in if I ever got really strapped for cash, however most items I couldn’t part with as I knew I would never be able to sell them quickly for a price anywhere near their actual value. I contemplated putting them up for auction online, however the fluctuations of price I saw on eBay gave me cold feet. There was, however, one plain gold chain I was willing to part with, so I decided to shop around a few ‘cash for gold’ outlets around the CBD until I found one that gave the best price – and it was a decent price too! It was a pretty straight-forward and stress-free event.

I also had a few clothes that I had stashed at the back of my wardrobe that I would never wear again in my life but that I never donated because they were unique designer pieces. To this day they are still in my wardrobe, however I was tempted to put these up on eBay after seeing the prices that such items could attain.

  1. Find odd jobs for quick cash – (Airtasker – I had trouble with this due to lack of reviews, Fiver – generally need to have technical skills for this one, Gumtree – I had no luck finding my dream job of cat-sitting – you also need to be aware of being around animals when you’re sick so volunteering was a no go at the local cattery. Be careful when playing with other peoples’ pets). Remember that taking up a second job has tax implications so I would recommend trying to take on small tasks that are viewed more as ‘favours’ than a job.
  2. Try to skimp on spending – (“health-soup” recipe for desperate times, take people up on offers to cook for you/ go over to their homes rather than go out, cancel your gym membership sooner rather than later – when you’re in treatment you’ll need to avoid getting sweaty in a public place, so you’ll be out of action for several months anyway. Don’t let this deter you from exercise! Start planning ways in which you can work out from home or around a local park rather than inside a gym)

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