Falling behind on your mortgage repayments (and other everyday expense issues)

The year of my diagnosis was also the year my partner and I took out a mortgage for our first home. Needless to say, the timing was not ideal! Although our repayments were not excessive to begin with in comparison to many other young couples taking out their first major loan, in terms of monthly expenses it was certainly our largest. It was therefore our primary concern following medical expenses and added to our financial stress. After having an upfront and honest conversation with our creditors, we were able to negotiate a delay on our repayments – a very lucky break for us for which we were extremely grateful.

If you have a home loan/ personal loan/ other loan repayments, I would recommend speaking with your financial provider in person to discuss repayment flexibility options – it never hurts to ask what they can do to help and their response might just surprise you!

Our repayment delay was an enormous weight off my mind and allowed me to focus on myself and getting through my treatment. I have heard that services such as ‘My Budget’ can deal with your creditors directly for you if you are not in a position to do this yourself – this is not something I did personally, however I would recommend avoiding the enlistment of such services if you can (to avoid unnecessary on-costs).

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