What NOT to do

  1. Do not sign up to a small loan such as Nimble, Wallet Wizard etc. The interest rate associated with these small loans is not worth the small amount of cash they ‘guarantee’ to you.
  2. Do not sign up for funeral insurance immediately out of concern that your family will not be able to pay your funeral costs. There are plenty of other ways to ensure they will be provided for without signing up for an insurance scheme. The less insurance fees you need to pay the better!
  3. Do not sell off an asset you may not need now but will in future, such as your car or a treadmill. These might provide you with a decent sum but you may regret it in the not too distant future if you haven’t considered all situations when you may need it. Think very carefully before selling anything you own!
  4. Do not take one person’s opinion as gospel. It’s your body and your choice – professionals should always respect this and should assist you with seeking alternatives to consider before locking down a decision.Do not forget that this experience is all about YOU! Don’t feel pressured to just accept advice. If there is anything you are unsure of, or even if you just feel a gut instinct against what you’ve been told, don’t be afraid to look into it and let whoever you are dealing with know that you are not 100% sure or confident in their suggestions. Anyone that tries to force an immediate response from you is pushing you too hard – give yourself the time to consider what they have said, do your own research and feel confident in the decision you make.
  5. Do not assume forms that have been filled out by professionals are always correct. Always review every form you are given and ensure you agree with what the professional has included. Anything that doesn’t seem right or that you are a bit unsure of should be discussed before you leave their office!
  6. Do not favour phone calls over written correspondence. Although you may be diligent with recording the key points agreed, don’t assume that your phone call is always being recorded and can be used as a reference later. It is always better to have a paper trail to demonstrate what you agreed or planned etc.

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