Those Who’ve Helped Me

The services provided at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse extend beyond the most advanced cancer treatments available. Every staff member is gifted with a huge level of genuine care for every patient. They are the type of people that remind you why life is worth living. Although I knew each day I visited the Lifehouse I was there because I had cancer, the notion of my illness disappears the moment I walk through their doors. Every day I am always greeted by a friendly face and asked how things are going for me – not just how I am feeling physically. It is a place where I always feel safe and secure, even when unfavourable news was being delivered to me, which is a reflection of their high level of professionalism combined with genuine care about your well-being. It is a place that instantly makes you feel better just by walking in and knowing you’re in good hands.

Below is a list of all the staff members who have been mentioned throughout this blog who have helped me throughout my journey from diagnosis to remission. However, there are also countless nurses, assistants and front-desk staff who have all contributed to my amazing experience with the Lifehouse on the whole. I believe their dedication and support enabled me to heal faster, with less interferences and with more knowledge to take control of my life again. I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they have put in to ensuring I recovered from this set back only to have come out stronger and happier. Thank you to all the truly remarkable staff at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Dr Brindha Shivalingam – Neurosurgeon

Dr Nitya Patanjali – Radiology Oncologist

Prof John Simes – Medical Oncologist

Dr Judith Lacey – Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology Specialist

Dr Suzanne Grant – Acupuncture Practitioner

Lizzie Milligan – Oncology Massage Therapist

Dr Toni Lindsay – Clinical Psychologist

Michael Marthick – Exercise Physiologist

Helen Jones – Social Worker